The Yard

When scrap material arrives at the Kroot Corporation it is first weighed and then categorized according to its composition (ferrous or non-ferrous) so that we can determine where it should be placed.

In order to be as accurate as possible when weighing materials, we use scales sensitive from one-half ounce to an electronic truck scale that weighs up to 120,000 lbs. and a railroad scale with a 400,000 lb. capacity. And we utilize radiation detection equipment at the scales to ensure that materials purchased are free of radiation contamination.

Two operations that take place on a regular basis at the Kroot Corporation scrap yard are baling and shearing. In the baling process large scrap items are loaded by crane into the baling press and are compressed into cubes. The bundles are then purchased by steel mills in northern Indiana and the Upper Ohio Valley to be used in the production of new steel.

In the shearing process pieces of scrap are loaded by crane into the hydraulic shear, which chops the steel into sizes that are popular with our foundry customers. After the sheared steel is purchased it can be easily remelted to be used in the manufacturing of grey iron castings.

The distribution and transportation of scrap materials are vital to the operation of the Kroot Corporation. Currently, we utilize a fleet of 34 trucks. This fleet is comprised of several different types of trucks to accomodate a variety of operations. We use roll-offs, luggers, van trailers and dump trailers

We significantly enhance our ability to transport materials through the use of our own railroad car switcher. Unlike other smaller operations, the Kroot corporation has the capacity to load up to 12 railroad cars per day on one mile of our own track.

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